King Engine Bearings was founded in 1960 with one objective: to supply the highest quality bearings available in the marketplace.



different products for various engines, platforms and assemblies


years of research, development, production, manufacturing and excelling in engine bearings


facilities manufacturing in perfect synergy through all the steps of bearing production: alloys casting, bonding, sintering, cutting & forming, machining, overplating & warehousing


countries with official distributors of King products, representing all 7 continents

Our Story

King Engine Bearings was founded in 1960 with one objective: to supply the highest quality bearings available in the marketplace.

By specializing in engine bearings, King has built an extensive product offering that includes a wide range of engine bearings for automobiles, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and many other types of internal combustion engines. Every King bearing utilizes the highest quality materials and the most advanced designs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

From concept to final product, everything is done under one roof. This allows King to produce bearings more efficiently and with more accuracy in order to keep up with the needs of our customers. During production, all bearings must pass rigorous quality control checkpoints throughout the entire process. This stringent system of multiple quality checks ensures that only the highest quality bearings ever make it into our customers’ hands.

King is the first choice in the extremely demanding aviation and racing industries due to our in-depth understanding of the specific needs of those industries. This knowledge and experience is then applied to every aftermarket bearing we make.

Our Factory


To achieve our goal of supplying the highest quality bearings, we had to reinvent the entire manufacturing process from the ground up, making King a pioneer in developing proprietary manufacturing machinery and multi-function, high speed production lines.

As an OE supplier for the aerospace industry, our entire approach to quality is based on the strategy of zero mistakes. The same principle applies to our automotive bearings. Producing a quality product is our primary objective.

In order to achieve this, we control our product’s entire supply chain from within our factory. Our production process starts with basic raw materials and ends with packaging and delivery of the final product. This ensures total quality and logistic fluency throughout the entire process.

King Racing

The science of speed

King designs and manufactures cutting edge high performance bearings that excel in accuracy and load capacity. The King Racing line combines Sport Compact and Domestic engine bearings with ground-breaking geometric and metallurgical features. Equipped with advanced materials and construction techniques, King Racing bearings extend the limits of power, performance and durability.

King high performance bearings are a product of innovative R&D processes, extensive lab tests and “on-track” trials. We combine over 50 years of expertise, superior standards and advanced in-house simulation technologies to achieve better results.

We are constantly exploring new ways to improve our products and advance our race bearing technologies.

Exotic Motors


The Swedish Hand crafted Manufacturer chose King Engine Bearings for one-of-a-kind motorcar works of art. The company, which makes the fastest production car in the world, demands and delivers a one-of-a-kind attitude toward all aspects of its supercar production. That same demand and expectation forms the common ground of cooperation between King Engine Bearings and its King Racing line of premium products.


Today, King’s research & development department (TechLab) is recognized as a leading technology authority in bearing science.

Bulls Eye™
Bull's Eye Tolerance

Outperforms the industry’s wall thickness tolerance, ensuring the least thickness variation shell-to-shell.

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Greater load surface

A 90⁰ oil groove shape, keep oil flow intact, increases bearing load capacity by expanding the surface area.

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Improved oil ingress

A newly designed oil slot/oil hole hybrid that improves oil ingress, without affecting the bearing’s surface.

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Optimal crush height and heat transfer

An optimal crush height value obtained from an optimization process of each performance bearing crush height

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Superior hydrodynamic lubrication

An optimized eccentricity value reached through elasto-hydrodynamic analysis and dynamic calculations.

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Optional lug design

Prevents lug generated oil leaks while achieving better load capacity and oil film distribution.

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Dowel Hole
Additional Stability for the Shell

Enables adding a locating pin, thus improving bearing stability particularly in aluminum housing, that may be compromised by excessive housing expansion and loosing bearing press fit, that occurs in extreme heat conditions.

Force 105 Polymer
Extreme Load Capacity

Silver based overlay containing solid lubricant additives distributed throughout the silver matrix. For extreme load engines.

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Superior load capacity

Overlay features proprietary nano-scaled hardening process producing superior load capacity.

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Narrowed Bearing Length

Enabeling to clear large filet cranks.

Top Fuel polymer composite matrix

Polymer coated bearings, designed to withstand the metal-to-metal contact and extreme loading from 10,000 HP Top Fuel engines.

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Lead free
Lead Free
Environmentally safe composite

A lead-free bearing material prioritizes environmental sustainability and safety, utilizing alternative compounds to achieve optimal performance in diverse applications.

Factory applied polymer coating

Inhouse developed Polymer coating for race applications, enhances seizure & wear resistance, with no added thickness.

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Aluminum Based
aluminum base
Bi Metal Aluminum material

Lead free Aluminum based material used for low to heavy load engines

Copper Based
Copper Based
Tri-Metal Copper based material

Leaded or Lead Free tri layers bearings for low to heavy load engines.

Extreme Load Capacity

Silver based overlay containing solid lubricant additives distributed throughout the silver matrix. For extreme load engines.

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An aluminum alloy strengthened by addition of Manganese and Chromium (Mn, Cr), Used for high load applications.

Bi Metal high Performance

HP-developed mainly for drag race and monster truck applications using nodular cast iron crankshafts.

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XPC features a nano-composite polymer coating, applied over the pMaxBlack™ overlay, enhancing wear resistance without changing the bearing’s original precision wall thickness dimension.

Polymer Coated
Polymer Coated
Polymer coating

Factory Applied Nano-composite Polymer Coating – With No Added Thickness.

Babbit Based overlay

Classical Babbit overlay for medium load engines

babbit plus
Enhanced Babbit Overlay

Strengthened Babbit overlay for medium and high load engines.

PVD Coating

Lead free material plated by Physical Vapor Deposition for extreme loads.