OE replacment SP / SV For Mini Cooper B38A15M0 - CR 357SV

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King Bearings' SV Series features a Lead-free, tri-metal Silver-based overlay with a Babbitt plating made to provide seizure resistance. Ideal for extreme-load engines, it serves as an OE replacement and can be employed as a sputter replacement.
Commonly use for extreme-load engines, requiering up to 17,000Psi load capacity. Can be employed as a sputter replacement
Crankshaft Dim. Housing Dim. Length Thickness
0.00 / 0.00 mm
0.0000 / 0.0000 inch
48.67 / 0.00 mm
1.9161 / 0.0000 inch
19.4 mm
0.764 inch
1.790 mm
0.0705 inch
Connecting Rod Bearing Set For MINI COOPER B38A15M0 - CR 357SV
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Performance features

Material features

Tech Features

Copper Based
Copper Based
Tri-Metal Copper based material

Leaded or Lead Free tri layers bearings for low to heavy load engines.

Extreme Load Capacity

Silver based overlay containing solid lubricant additives distributed throughout the silver matrix. For extreme load engines.

Babbit Based overlay

Classical Babbit overlay for medium load engines

Lead free
Lead Free
Environmentally safe composite

A lead-free bearing material prioritizes environmental sustainability and safety, utilizing alternative compounds to achieve optimal performance in diverse applications.


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