Racing Polymer For Chevrolet BBC 369-502 GEN IV, V, VI- 32 UPPE - CR 808TFC32U

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The King Bearings TFC Series is tailored for Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Mod. The composite consists of high strength steel back, a special ductile Bronze lining, that resists extrusion & cracking, a XP Babbitt overlay with greater fatigue resistance and a polymer based coating layer.
Commonly use for Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Mod, and applications where bearings must withstand challenges such as metal-to-metal contact and deformation
Crankshaft Dim. Housing Dim. Length Thickness
55.88 / 55.85 mm
2.2000 / 2.1990 inch
59.06 / 59.05 mm
2.3252 / 2.3247 inch
21.3 mm
0.839 inch
1.572 mm
0.0619 inch
Connecting Rod Bearing Set For CHEVROLET BBC 369-502 GEN IV, V, VI- 32 UPPE - CR 808TFC32U

Performance features

Material features

Tech Features

Copper Based
Copper Based
Tri-Metal Copper based material

Leaded or Lead Free tri layers bearings for low to heavy load engines.

Top Fuel polymer composite matrix

Polymer coated bearings, designed to withstand the metal-to-metal contact and extreme loading from 10,000 HP Top Fuel engines.


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