OE replacment SP / SV For Audi AAN, ADU, RR, AEL Sputter - CR1665SP

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King Bearings' SP series, featuring lead-free or leaded material with a sputter overlay plated by Physical Vapor Deposition, is an excellent choice for OE replacement in applications with extreme loads.

Performance features

Material features

Tech Features

Copper Based
Copper Based
Tri-Metal Copper based material

Leaded or Lead Free tri layers bearings for low to heavy load engines.

PVD Coating

Lead free material plated by Physical Vapor Deposition for extreme loads.

Babbit Based overlay

Classical Babbit overlay for medium load engines

Lead free
Lead Free
Environmentally safe composite

A lead-free bearing material prioritizes environmental sustainability and safety, utilizing alternative compounds to achieve optimal performance in diverse applications.


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