Racing Polymer For General Motors Duramax Diesel 0.040"O/S - MB5848GPC

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GPC is King Bearings’ premium silver based tri-metal material for race applications, capable of withstanding 17,000 PSI. This makes it well-suited for Diesel Performance and Sprint Cars. GPC made with polymer coating plays a crucial role in safeguarding the bearings, in scenarios involving oil starvation and metal-to-metal contact.
Commonly use for Diesel Performance & Sprint Cars which operate under extreme load and long duration. The silver based composite & polymer coating play a crucial role in safeguarding the bearings in oil starvation and metal-to-metal contact scenarios
Crankshaft Dim. Housing Dim. Length Thickness
79.92 / 79.91 mm
3.1466 / 3.1459 inch
86.03 / 86.01 mm
3.3872 / 3.3864 inch
20.8 mm
0.819 inch
3.038 mm
0.1196 inch
Bearings are designed with .040" oversize diameter, allowing to repair the housing of block by line honing block
Main Bearing Set For GM DURAMAX DIESEL 0.040"O/S - MB5848GPC
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Performance features

Material features

Tech Features

Copper Based
Copper Based
Tri-Metal Copper based material

Leaded or Lead Free tri layers bearings for low to heavy load engines.

Factory applied polymer coating

Inhouse developed Polymer coating for race applications, enhances seizure & wear resistance, with no added thickness.

Extreme Load Capacity

Silver based overlay containing solid lubricant additives distributed throughout the silver matrix. For extreme load engines.

Optimal crush height and heat transfer

An optimal crush height value obtained from an optimization process of each performance bearing crush height

Superior hydrodynamic lubrication

An optimized eccentricity value reached through elasto-hydrodynamic analysis and dynamic calculations.

Bulls Eye™
Bull's Eye Tolerance

Outperforms the industry’s wall thickness tolerance, ensuring the least thickness variation shell-to-shell.

Lead free
Lead Free
Environmentally safe composite

A lead-free bearing material prioritizes environmental sustainability and safety, utilizing alternative compounds to achieve optimal performance in diverse applications.

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