Main Bearing Set For Ford/Mazda L3, L3-VDT MZR - MB5442SI

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King Bearings' bi-metal SI material blends Aluminum with 2.5-3% Silicon, providing strength. Ideal for medium-load engines, particularly engines using nodular cast iron crankshafts. It excels as a Lead-free OE replacement Bearing.
Commonly use for medium-load engines particularly ones using nodular cast iron crankshafts
Crankshaft Dim. Housing Dim. Length Thickness
52.00 / 51.98 mm
2.0472 / 2.0464 inch
57.04 / 57.02 mm
2.2455 / 2.2448 inch
Positions 1,2,4,5:
19.1 mm
0.752 inch

Position 3:
25.8 mm
1.018 inch
2.504 mm
0.0986 inch
Main Bearing Set For FORD/MAZDA L3, L3-VDT MZR - MB5442SI

Performance features

Material features

Tech Features

Aluminum Based
aluminum base
Bi Metal Aluminum material

Lead free Aluminum based material used for low to heavy load engines

Lead free
Lead Free
Environmentally safe composite

A lead-free bearing material prioritizes environmental sustainability and safety, utilizing alternative compounds to achieve optimal performance in diverse applications.

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